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extremely adv
1 to a high degree or extent; favorably or with much respect; "highly successful"; "He spoke highly of her"; "does not think highly of his writing"; "extremely interesting" [syn: highly]
2 to an extreme degree; "extremely cold"; "extremely unpleasant"
3 to an extreme degree; "the house was super clean for Mother's visit" [syn: super]
4 to an extreme degree or extent; "his eyesight was exceedingly defective" [syn: exceedingly, passing]

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  • /ɪksˈtriːmli/, /Iks"tri:mli/


  1. to an extreme degree


to an extreme degree
  • Chinese: 非常
  • Dutch: uitermate
  • Finnish: erittäin
  • French: extrêmement, vachement (slang)
  • German: extrem, äusserst, krass (slang)
  • Japanese: 極端に きょくたんに, 随分 ずいぶん
  • Portuguese: extremamente
  • Russian: чрезвычайно, крайне, весьма, экстремально (slang)
  • Spanish: extremadamente
  • Swedish: extremt

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

a bit, a little, a outrance, absolutely, all out, beyond all bounds, beyond compare, beyond comparison, beyond measure, bloody, completely, damned, darned, dead, downright, essentially, ever, exceedingly, exceptionally, excessively, extraordinarily, fairly, flat out, fundamentally, hellishly, hugely, immeasurably, immensely, in a measure, in a way, in some measure, in the extreme, incalculably, indefinitely, infinitely, inordinately, kind of, most, notably, outrageously, over, overfull, overly, overmuch, parlous, perfectly, pretty, purely, quite, radically, rarely, rather, remarkably, scarcely, slightly, somewhat, sort of, strikingly, surpassingly, to a degree, to some extent, too, totally, uncommon, uncommonly, unconditionally, unduly, unequivocally, unusually, utterly, very, vitally, with a vengeance
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